Simpson Law offers services in both English and French. Our principal areas of legal services include:

  • Business
  • Construction
  • Workplace issues

The Principal of Simpson Law is Michelle Simpson. Michelle has practiced law in Alberta for over 30 years and she has represented a full spectrum of clients from large institutional clients to small owner-managed businesses.  Michelle is a Chartered Mediator, a Chartered Arbitrator and she holds a Certificate in Conflict Management with Assessments from the ADR Institute of Alberta.

 A New Approach to the Practice of Law.

Although the handling of legal issues can become adversarial Michelle’s approach leans towards a more collaborative approach where each party’s needs are addressed without compromise and with a view to there being a win/win outcome for all parties.  According to Michelle, if there is a willing buyer and a willing seller there should be a way through the legal issues.  Michelle’s skills acquired through her Certificate in Conflict Management program create opportunities in negotiation where others have failed. With over 300 hours of training in negotiation and conflict management Michelle brings a new style to her practice of law.

 Business and Workplace Issues.

If you are struggling with legal issues associated with your business or workplace you should consider consulting with Simpson Law.  Unresolved legal issues cost time, money and opportunity.  Take the time today to consider your options and deal with business issues on a timely basis.  Call Simpson Law now.

Construction issues only seem to get bigger with time. 

Negotiating change orders and delay and disruption claims is a big part of construction project management.  In an article written in the Journal of Management in Engineering in 1992, Michael Lee Smith identifies ten common problems which prevail in planning and executing the negotiating process.  At the top of Smith’s list of the ten most common problems is “starting with a win-lose approach”.  Negotiation has been said to be a form of art.  Simpson Law disagrees with that statement; it is a learned skill.  Negotiation must start with each party looking for a win/win solution which begins with each party knowing and understanding the other’s needs.  As a trained negotiator, Michelle can either coach you through these difficult negotiations or accompany you at the table in order to facilitate the negotiations.  From a legal perspective, Simpson Law can offer a detailed review of your contractual obligations, builders’ lien issues or delay and disruption claims.

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