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Legal Services

We offer legal services in both English and French. Principal areas include: business, construction and workplace issues.



We offer Mediation in four different areas: business, construction, workplace and insurance.



Our principal Arbitrator is Michelle Simpson and she arbitrates both domestic and international disputes in business, construction, insurance and workplace issues.



Feeling stressed at work? Feeling like you are running a kindergarten instead of a business? Simpson Law offers training, facilitation and communication coaching for workplace issues.




With 35 years experience in the practice of law, the principal of Simpson Law, Michelle Simpson offers a breadth of experience in resolving business issues be they domestic or international in nature.



Early mediation or negotiation of construction issues is beneficial and a win/win approach is essential. Find out more about Simpson Law’s colaborative approach to resolving construction issues.

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I have practiced law in Alberta for 30 years. I am now looking at my practice of law through different eyes. As a Chartered Mediator holding a Certificate in Conflict Management with over 300 hours of training with Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society (“AAMS”) and as a Chartered Arbitrator holding a Certificate in Arbitration from AAMS I now bring to my practice not only experience in business, construction, workplace, insurance and estate law but also, skills associated with early resolution to disputes.

If you have issues associated with business, construction, insurance, workplace or estate issues please contact me either in my capacity as a lawyer, mediator or arbitrator.

At Simpson Law, we believe in offering options for resolving disputes. This website will help answer:

  • What is Mediation?
  • What is Arbitration?
  • What is Access to Justice?

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