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Construction issues only seem to get bigger with time.

Over the last 30 years Michelle Simpson has helped all kinds of people in conflict over construction issues.  The sooner construction issues are discussed and negotiated, the better the opportunity for successful resolution.  Michelle has helped people involved with construction issues including:

  • Builders’ Liens issues
  • Calculation of the lien funds
  • Contractual Issues
  • Delay claims
  • Wrongful termination of a contract
  • Damages for breach of a contract
  • Non-payment issues

Michelle has represented owners, general contractors, lien holders and sub contractors.

Early mediation or negotiation of construction issues is beneficial and a win/win approach is essential.  Getting an insurer to agree to the same can prove more difficult particularly when there is some uncertainty around how the current issues will affect the critical path of the construction schedule thus affecting legal outcomes.  Independent evaluation of the issues by a neutral party can prove to be both cost effective and useful.  Engaging Simpson law to provide an independent and neutral evaluation of your construction issues is something to be considered.

Issues occurring early on in a construction project can result in stressed relationships among the General Contractor, the Owner and other contractors putting at risk the whole construction project. The ability to change your negotiation style and negotiate the issues at hand in a positive manner is imperative.  Let Simpson Law coach you through those difficult negotiations.

Standard CCDC contracts demand mediation of construction issues followed by arbitration if the mediation is not successful. Consider Simpson Law for your mediation and arbitration needs.

Negotiating change orders and delay and disruption claims is a big part of construction project management.  In an article written in the Journal of Management in Engineering in 1992, Michael Lee Smith identifies ten common problems which prevail in planning and executing the negotiating process.  At the top of Smith’s list of the ten most common problems is “starting with a win-lose approach”.  Negotiation has been said to be a form of art.  Simpson Law disagrees with that statement; negotiation is a learned skill.  Negotiation must start with each party looking for a win/win solution which begins with each party knowing and understanding the other’s needs.

As a trained negotiator, Michelle can either coach you through these difficult negotiations or accompany you at the table in order to facilitate the negotiations. 

From a legal perspective, Simpson Law can offer a detailed review of your contractual obligations, builders’ lien issues or delay and disruption claims.

To find out more about how Simpson Law can help you, contact us today!

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